Welcome to Absolute Manage 6.0, our latest release that includes some game-changing enhancements for mobile device management and security.

Along with support for Android and iOS 5, we’ve delivered a new app called AbsoluteSafe that provides our customers with the ability to completely lock down corporate data on an iPad. There is no other technology available today that can deliver the same result. Read more about AbsoluteSafe.

Additional security enhancements include:

  • Policy-locked configuration profiles that block access to corporate data and networks for devices that are not compliant (jailbroken, blacklisted apps installed, etc.)
  • Scheduled policies that allow administrators to define a window of time when corporate access is permitted. Once the time expires, access to these resources is immediately blocked.

Absolute Manage and Absolute Manage Mobile Device Management allow you to use a single console to manage the PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices in your deployment. Visit Absolute Manage and Absolute Manage Mobile Device Management for more details.